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Academic Programs

Video of Academic Programs at Hayes
Project Based Learning

Hayes offers a project-based learning experience with many STEM-related subjects, including Project Lead the Way. The PBL curriculum aims to create a challenging learning environment focused on critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication.  PBL inspires joy and inquiry in the process of discovery to foster a culture of innovation through multilingual, authentic 21st-century learning.

Dual Language

Hayes is a Dual Language school where students can choose to learn one or both languages. Students participate in work towards earning their bilingual seal on a high school diploma.

Community School

Hayes is a community school that offers many resources to help and engage students and their families.

  • Family Supports
  • Food Pantry
  • Extended Learning
  • Connections to resources
  • School-wide events
  • Health services
  • Family and Community Engagement
  • Volunteer opportunities

The Advocacy Program at Hayes is a Character Development Program that strives to enhance academic performance and to develop positive social values and relationships. The program provides a space for all of our students, giving them a voice and providing them with caring adult advocates.


AVID (more about AVID) is an elective class for students who are capable of completing a college-prep path, but need extra support. This course helps students prepare for college and pushes them to take harder, more rigorous classes in high school.

AVID is based on WICR:

  • writing as a tool of learning
  • the inquiry method
  • collaborative grouping
  • academic reading

It also gives students the chance to tour college campuses, hear from guest speakers and it offers group tutoring sessions two times a week.

To sign up for AVID, students can contact one of the school’s counselors, teachers, and/or the principal by email or by talking to them during the school day. They will be given the application, which states the requirements and terms of taking the class. A scheduled interview in front of the site team is also part of the application process. Students will apply for this course during or prior to registration.