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Counseling Mission

The mission of Hayes Middle School Counseling Department is to provide a proactive, comprehensive, and developmentally appropriate program to address students academic and career goals in addition to supporting their program and social needs. This is accomplished through a partnership with parents/guardians, staff, and community members to enable all students to become successful, productive citizens and lifelong learners in a diverse and changing world.

"As a professional school counselor, I work with students on an individual basis, small group, and in their classrooms. The focus of the counseling programs are on academic skills, career awareness, and personal/social skills and mindfulness. I also attend student success meetings as requested by student, staff, or parent." - Molina Valdez

Services Provided

  • Mediation/Conflict resolution
  • Health & Wellness Meetings
  • Various classroom presentations based on school wide needs assessment data
  • College and career readiness portfolio
  • Attendance focused group
  • Coaching sessions for goal setting and grade recovery

When a child is referred for counseling services, the counselor will contact the parents/guardians before counseling sessions begin. Please note school counselors do not do long term counseling/therapy.

Discussion Topics

  • Friendships & Relationships
  • Family changes
  • Grief issues
  • Mistreatment
  • Mediation
  • Safety concerns (for yourself or others)


Contact Information

Molina Valdez

Phone: (505) 265-7741, ext. 26503

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